We started selling landscape lighting when people used lightning bugs in mason jars to save money.

Just kidding, but it seems like a very long time ago when we started.  It was a much harder conceptual sell but many saw the benefits of not being able to use the outdoors during the cooler nights and it always brought more security to the home with lighting.

LED's were over $200.00 each not long ago.

I really thought that it would take 25 years to drive the prices down but now you really can't design without them.  LED's truly have dropped the costs with everything.

Residential or Commercial

We have done hundreds of jobs and even commercial projects like the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, Ms. in 1999.  There has been alot of innovation in the lighting industry, and like other markets there have been a lot of test products; but I have gained a lot of knowledge over these decades in understanding what to install and what not to.  

We have been used every brand.

Many contractors stick to one brand; but every brand does not carry the style needed to support the best design possible for every job.  I have actually been a distributor, not a dealer, but a distributor buying at the best price for over 19 years and I still refuse to strickly use their product when some others become the better product in price and function for a job.  We will use the best styles and design for each aspect of the job to provide the best design, longest lasting AT THE BEST PRICE.

Landscape Lighting in Memphis for over 26 years.

Landscape lighting brings security, 24 hours outdoor use, great night time aesthetics, safety for visitors and party guests, increases your home or business' square footage by adding the area outdoors, it increases the types of functions you can offer guests, and most of all landscape lighting is now really cheap for the added value it increases for so many different beneficial aspects in a lifetime!

Call for a free quote now.

I can guarantee a great design at a very fair price and I am hard to beat with my overall professional knowledge, distributor backing, and experienced service over many years.  Try getting a free quote. You have nothing but an opportunity to gain better results.  Thanks.